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Our portfolio companies   


Budget coffee chain easyCoffee is set for a huge expansion, with plans to open a further 200 shops in selected locations in UK and Europe. Easy Coffe is offering a range of soft drinks, hot and cold snacks including freshly made sandwiches as well as cappuccinos, espressos and lattes with very reasonable and competitive prices. Easy Coffee is offering great value and quality coffee from Italian specialist Lavazza. The company has a team with background in finance and hospitality.


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ZOME has a compelling solution set for Distributed Energy Resource optimization, from delivering an algorithmic approach to wide-scale energy coordination and management, to motivating device manufacturer participation, to a simple integration proposition, to a transformed customer experience. ZOME allows apartment building owners to enjoy energy savings (even converting their energy costs to revenue-generating), utilities to finally achieve sustainable energy programs, certain device manufacturers to enjoy added value, and consumers to easily enroll in– and the motivation to remain in– energy management programs from their local electric utilities. ZOME also provides analytics solutions to energy eco-system players to better optimize their programs and offerings.


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Aequor offers a portfolio of over 30 proprietary small molecules that are non-toxic, “green,” eco-friendly, and sustainable. Aequor also discovered over 40 new uses for known chemicals. They all prevent the ability of bacteria and fungi to form biofilm – the root cause of contamination, fouling and infection – and also remove existing biofilm in under 10 minutes without triggering resistance. They are all different and divided according to their optimal uses: (1) dispersants, surfactants, and cleaning agents, some of which are available for immediate sale; (2) antimicrobial biocides, and antifouling agents; and (3) human and veterinary drugs, therapeutics, and device coatings. Aequor offers biofilm testing services to formulators of consumer, industrial and medical products to show how Aequor’s “green” chemicals can help their remedies work better and save time, manpower, and money — and lives.


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Al Dhowayan Group is cofounder for HyreCar. HyreCar is a car rental marketplace that offers truly flexible car rental options for ride sharing drivers that are looking to either try ride sharing out for a few days, or rent a car long term.


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Al Dhowayan Group is cofounder of the ONEm. ONEm is a high tech company based in London established in 2012. ONEm developed and deployed an advanced platform that supports an ecosystem of services. The platform empowers users to enjoy access to a continually growing number of interactive content and applications. What is unique about these services is that they work on any type of mobile without requiring data or Wi-Fi. ONEm provides interactive access to a rich knowledge base of content via voice and SMS. ONEm technology enables the core assets of Mobile Operators to reach their true potential. In the face of relentless internet innovation, we see an opportunity to create a new channel complementary to the internet and traditional voice and SMS communications.


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Omne is a secure, intelligent, and connected mobile wallet which merges your bank card with any and all of your loyalty/rewards, membership, security key, and public transport cards. That’s right! You no longer need to carry a bulky wallet. Numerous accounts for various purposes organized and secured together in one place.


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Black Bear Minerals LTd.

Black Bear Minerals is a leader in mining industry with specialized processes in the search for, extraction, beneficiation, and processing of naturally occurring solid minerals from the earth, with focus on Gold mining. 

Stages of investment

Al Dhowayan Group is an investment group specialized in venture capital and private equity investments. Al Dhowayan Group is very keen to invest in Early Stage (Start-up) high tech companies with registered patents and big potential for growth. We are working jointly with our partners/ inventors and entrepreneurs to finance the companies, accelerate commercialization and penetrating the markets and achieving its vision. Al Dhowayan Group is working on private equity deals, with good potential for growth by developing new and lucrative operating models and capitalizing on the Founder/entrepreneur, ensure institutionalization in the culture, business and governance to achieve the best potential for operational enhancements and generating sustainable cash flow and profitability.

What we invest in? 

Al Dhowayan Group has developed particular expertise across a myriad of industries and sectors, with deep knowledge in certain sub sectors where repeated investments have been made, such as energy, logistics, high tech and real estate.


We are focusing our investment in the following sectors:

  •   Energy and Infrastructure projects

  •   Malls

  •   Coffee shops

  •   High tech companies biochemical and bio medical

  •   Mining

  •   Real estate (very specialized and unique projects)

  •   Logistics and transportation

  •   Telecom Industry

  •   Digital Business

  •   Industrial Incubators

  •   Venture Capital projects

Where we invest? 

Al Dhowayan Group primarily invests in the Middle East, with particularly strong credentials and networks in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe, as well as experience of investing in the Australia. Al Dhowayan Group is investing where it can achieve the best return on investment and the highest return on stockholder's equity. We are investing in stable countries with healthy investment climates. We focus our investments on businesses with high tech and genuine impact on the economy.

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