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To become the preferred partner within 

our area of expertise.

To be socially responsible, efficient and professionally preferred partner within our area of expertise in the Kingdom, the GCC and the Middle East region.

More about us

Al-Dhowayan Group is 

A Saudi Investment Group founded in 1998 as its current state.  It is a privately owned company traces its roots back to the year 1975. Since its inception, the Group understood that unless it could provide better high quality service with competitive advantages and prices, it would not be able to succeed and stand out in the marketplace. The Group firmly believes that maximizing the earnings of its stakeholders is of utmost importance and priority.


Al-Dhowayan Group is one of the Middle East prominent firms possesses the experience and the ability to act decisively in a wide array of industries. The Group focuses on sectors where it can capitalize on its significant knowledge, expertise and lucrative relationships in Financial, Industrial, Energy, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Logistics, Commercial and Real Estate Sectors. Recently Al Dhowayan Group has established a management consulting Arm; Saber Management Consulting is a specialized consulting firm in developing and executing strategic plans. 


In order to meet the high demand on the construction sector and the booming of the big contracting projects in KSA; Al Dhowayan Group has established a unique contracting company through partnering with large and highly experienced top tier contracting companies.


 The Group conducts its business and manages its investments in compliance with the Islamic Shariah principles with innovative solutions. The Group is supported by inspired high caliber leadership and extremely experienced teams that have the skills, knowledge, talent and capabilities to ensure achieving maximum return on investment.


Throughout the last three decades, Al-Dhowayan Group consecrated its efforts to build strategic partnerships, linkages and alliances between prominent business leaders & partners in different investment sectors.


Al-Dhowayan Group is doing its uttermost effort to offer comprehensive and innovative investment services with state of the art practice according to international standards. The unique methodology and business approach that have been employed by the Group enabled it to deliver superior value and returns to its shareholders. Throughout the last ten years, the Group has gone through evolving phases in terms of capacity, performance, efficiency and growth. As a result, the Group has had significant success in structuring transactions and achieving record level of mega projects with international and multinational clients and partners; here are some examples of these projects:



Al Dhowayan Group offers overseas trading solutions to SME's in Saudi Arabia. The project offers business planning, market analysis and logistic support services to SME's of Saudi Arabia that have plans to export their products.

Industrial Solutions

Industrial Projects

Al Dhowayan Group offers the services of technology transfer in industrial projects. It identifies industrial projects for sale in countries outside Saudi Arabia, conducts the feasibility study of such technology transfer to Saudi Arabia. Currently the Group is working on an industrial project of pre-cast company from Jordan.

Real estate development

 The current projects in the Group portfolio are the Khafji Real estate development project worth SR 150 million, and the Khafji Shopping mall project of SR 70 million. Also a real estate development project has been accomplished in New Zealand. Al Dhowayan Group was the first Saudi Arabian organization that invested in New Zealand real estate sector.

Nomura Project

Al Dhowayan Group was selected by Nomura bank of Japan to be the lead promoters of its fund to raise 1 Billion USD for real estate projects in UK. In order to achieve this, the group worked jointly with leading global real estate firms such as Optimus and Watling Capital.

Corporate Investments

Al Dhowayan Group has private investments in some of the leading business organizations of Saudi Arabia in Food sector and PVC manufacturing sector. It has minority shares in some of the leading business establishments of the kingdom.

Venture Capital

Al Dhowayan Group is embracing recently new venture capital projects and unique private equity deals, especially in the high tech Investments “Green-field and disruptive business models” such as: AEQUOR, Inc., Black Bear Minerals Ltd, HyreCare, Inc., HEALHT EUGENIA S.L., Easy Coffee, Zome Energy Networks, Inc." and ECCO International in the United States, UK and Europe. Al-Dhowayan group has made significant contributions to the economic development of its target countries through the growth and the high returns achieved by its investments, and today it becomes a major investment group of high quality services. The Group has more diverse operations in business fields that enabled it to create substantial value for its investors and maximize Group stakeholders’ returns.

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